Bali Booze Ban Would Play Havoc With Surging Aussie Visit Numbers – Up 500% In Ten Years…

Bintang in baliWhat’s Bali without a Bintang, the holiday island’s favourite beer?

Tourism operators are hoping they don’t find out – pushing back against a move by conservative Muslim politicians to ban the production, distribution and consumption of alcohol in Indonesia.
There’s no doubt such a ban would hit Australian visits to Bali and Indonesia generally, which have increased more than 500% over the past decade, according to the latest outbound travel data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Kenny Baker from Nelson Bay has been to Bali every year for the past 22 years and told the Daily Telegraph yesterday he wouldn’t return if he couldn’t drink beer.

“It would not be Bali without a beer – it wouldn’t be the same,” he said. “I come to Bali to have a beer and enjoy the beach.”

Indonesia is now the second-most visited country by Australians – the vast majority of those holidaying in Bali – a close second behind perennial number one New Zealand, followed by the United States.

“Short-term resident departures to Indonesia have increased more than five times over the last 10 years (to) 1.2 million trips,” said Libby O’Toole, from  the Migration Analysis and Reporting Team of the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

“Australians made 1.3 million short-term trips across the Tasman to New Zealand last financial year, 452,300 more trips than we made 10 years ago.”

She said visits to the United States of America rounded out the top three in 2015-16, more than doubling the 2005-06 figure at more than 1.0 million trips.

In 2015-16, holidays made up 59 per cent of all journeys, and the average amount of time people spent outside Australia was 23 days, according to ABS research.

New Zealand also dominated inbound  travel, while China is unsurprisingly on the rise.

“Most international visitors come from New Zealand, with 1.3 million Kiwis taking short-term trips last financial year, over 246,400 more than 10 years ago,” said Ms O’Toole.

“Visitors from China followed as the second most popular source of travellers to Australia, with 1.2 million visitors. This was almost four times the number that came to Australia in 2005-06.”

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15 thoughts on “Bali Booze Ban Would Play Havoc With Surging Aussie Visit Numbers – Up 500% In Ten Years…”

  1. We don’t need aussie binge drinking infesting the island. Just look at the debauchery that is ko samui and phuket.

  2. We are too poor to take holidays and I don’t drink. All the same, this suggestion is a sincere one. Why not let people have “a beer” or “a glass of wine” when visiting Bali? Why not allow consumption in moderation only?
    I’m not a Christian either, but remember hearing Bible stories about a glass of wine being consumed at weddings, and of course the story about water being changed into wine. Why not compromise?

    1. Because they are mostly Muslim in Bali not Christian and that glass of Wine Jesus made happen …non alcoholic …alcohol is damaging to the spirit of man and the worlds fast moving away from it, it will happen here eventually when our government start putting peoples health above profit. Alcohol is a class B drug its very close to class A close to all the bad ones.

  3. I won’t be able to order a cocktail by the hotel pool after a hot day shopping in Kuta? See you later Bali, I’ll spend my money elsewhere. Indonesia isn’t the only ‘other’ country in the world we can visit. Have fun watching your tourism trade slide off of the map.

    1. Bali Tourism is fine without drunks. You can take your vacation to Kings st. plenty of alcohol there

  4. This is a good idea. Fewer Australians will be killed by terrorists and Indonesia doesn’t deserve our custom anyway. And Bali is a dump.

  5. Might be a good idea, it would be great if there was a solution to the embarrassing out of control foreign tourists in parts of Bali. Fortunately there are other beautiful islands in Indonesia. BTW it’s not only Australians, it’s Germans, Russians and others that give us from the west a bad name.

  6. I hope cooler heads will prevail. Yes, Aussies and others regularly embarrass themselves in Bali and other parts of the world, but a tourism industry has been allowed to be built up over a number of years. To close it down in a draconian way would ruin many small traders and put tourism workers out of a job. Budi Kantol is not helping. Presumably he/she has no ‘skin’ in the game, and just wants to give vent to his racism and “holier than thou” attitudes.

    1. They probably love their Muslim beliefs more than the tourist dollar from alcohol , what they will get in exchange is good clean minded tourists who can appreciate and respect their customs and values … sounds like a good reason to ditch drunken morons to me

  7. People go there to unwind and drinking is a part of unwinding. Unfortunately they must think we behave like that all the time. Fact is we work a lot harder than they do and are far more professional than they are while were not on holiday mode. Maybe if their life wasn’t one big holiday they would understand…

  8. The impact of the alcohol ban is more serious than few tourists getting drunk in Bali… what Bali has become is certainly not due to the alcohol, the latter exists everywhere in Indonesia and yet the outcome is not the same…
    For those who have forgotten, the alcohol was invented by the Arabs… and it is probably a good idea to have a deeper look at a country such as Saudi Arabia where alcohol is banned… you will find few facts such as alcohol and drugs are available in the black market however limited to an “elite”. The others have access to home made products and many people pay of their lives on non controlled productions that are even more poisonous!
    We cannot say that the countries that sell alcohol openly are declining civilisations… the excessive consumption of alcohol, similarly to drugs, cigarettes, or anything that is bad for your health is purely related to one’s education and the understanding of the consequences… As a matter of fact, more people die in Indonesia from bad food habits than alcohol… Would you also consider shutting down all Mc Donalds, KFCs. and the countless palm oil deep fried Indonesian food sellers?
    Prohibiting has never resolved any problem,
    Imposing practices by law has never cleaned hearts or thoughts,
    Besides Saudi Arabi, the History of the human kind is filled with examples since few thousands of years… and yet, the sheep in us, would like to repeat the same for the power of some!
    Think deeper on the consequences of the ban… they are way more serious than a decline in the tourism industry and its economical impact…

  9. Having lived in Bali now for 9 years this same stupid story makes the rounds every year and the Oz press descend into a feeding frenzy because at the end of the tourist season Oz has calculated how much dosh all those tourists are taking to foreign countries and NOT leaving on the Gold Coast. Does even the most “outback” Brian really thing that Indonesia is gonna chop off its own nose by killing the goose that lays the golden Bintangs ($5 billion US/year)? No, none of us either…

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