Blair Speers CEO & Founder Blair Speers is a Canadian national who has lived and worked in Phuket, Thailand, for the last 20 years.

Since the dawn of personal computers, Blair was fascinated with their potential and immediately immersed himself in the culture of technology and information communications.

He first moved to Thailand in the early 1990s and founded three international schools. But as the Internet and ecommerce revolution came of age it was not long before his high tech background naturally led him to his dual passions of travel and technology.

By then the online travel industry had sprung up and was rapidly growing in Phuket. Initially he cut his teeth working with Planet Holiday in 1997, before founding in 1999.

Under his leadership the company has grown to become one of the Internet’s leading hotel booking platforms. Mr Speers is a frequent guest speaker at leading international travel conferences, universities, colleges and technology institutes worldwide covering a broad spectrum regarding the online travel industry.

He has also devoted countless hours to supporting Thailand’s travel industry, and is the current IT Chairman for the PATA Thailand Chapter.

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