“Brands Are Not My Friends”

Still on the subject of trust …. ”A lot of advertising is based on brands pretending that they’re your friends. Brands are not my friends. I don’t believe that Apple, Google and Facebook are my friends or have my best interests at heart.” Quote in the SMH today from Jon Casimir, ad industry observer and co-creator of The Gruen Transfer. See also Facebook To Trump Google…

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2 thoughts on ““Brands Are Not My Friends””

  1. While brands may not be your friends, how many people feel more comfortable buying a piece of electronic equipment from say Sony or Panasonic versus one of those unknown brands originating from China you’ll find on special at Aldi supermarkets this week? While the known brands possibly may not have your best interests at heart, at least you know they will be around if you need support or a warranty claim. So you do trust these brands to some extent, particularly due to their size, popularity and longevity. Now, despite the negativity surrounding certain privacy issues with Google and Facebook, I do think people would trust them a little more than the large number of small copy-cat sites that pop up every week.

  2. While I don’t think people really believe brands like Facebook or Google have their ‘best interests at heart’, I do believe, these days especially, that consumers enjoy feeling part of a group, part of a community, of which smart brands of today seem to provide. Naprogesic, the woman’s hygiene brand are very successful in allowing their customers to feel part of a trusted community, which builds trust and comfort with the brand itself, through their ‘community website’ called “A Pampered Life”. I can’t say I agree that people do not feel emotionally attached to a brand, I think many brands and their activities have had great success in this area.

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