Bullish Pricing Amid The Carnage At Ski Resorts

Taking the plunge at Perisher
Taking the plunge at Perisher

SOME bullish pricing strategies from a couple of Aussie ski resorts despite rampant travel industry discounting. 

Perisher Valley is leading the way, listing its adult day rate at $102 for both high and low season despite the big seasonal variations in the number of lifts running.   In other words, the product is very different yet you pay the same price. I can’t think of any other industry where this would happen. Thredbo has also adopted this flat rate policy on its day rate but is priced marginally lower at $99. 

Both resorts say  they run spot specials on the day rate throughout the early season. For example for the first week or so Perisher had a special adult day rate of $85, but a quick check today (June 29) shows both are now fully priced. 

The Victorian resorts do have early bird day rates that are set in stone until the July school holidays, and Mt Hotham gets kudos for some smart early season marketing including lift, lesson, lunch, equipment hire and resort entry in a package costing $76. It seems like the smart thing to do given the intense competition now in evidence for the holiday dollar.

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6 thoughts on “Bullish Pricing Amid The Carnage At Ski Resorts”

  1. What about Perisher’s deal? you neglected to mention that .

    $143 for an adult for two days this weekend….

    $99 for two days for Adult Perisher card Holders

    tell the whole story next time.

    1. Hi, just using the lead-in day price of $102 for Perisher, which is the same throughout the season, no matter when you book or how many lifts are operating.

      1. Same as if you buy one golf lesson, one bottle of wine or one of many things.. its cheaper if you buy more.
        Why is that people want ski resorts to always work by different rules.
        It would also be really good if journalists did their research (it used to be part of their training ). It has been on the perisher site for some time now about the pricing and it is still reported incorrectly.

        1. The story is on the single day rate and based on website pricing. The point is really that some ski resorts are able to raise or hold lead-in prices when the rest of the travel industry is discounting. Also note the Victorian resorts have a cheaper early season day ticket rate, so it can be done.

          1. Perisher has discounted prices for the early season (they are on the web) Ski two days and get it for less than $72 per day and it gets cheaper. Same for Thredbo, they have a better price if you do the two days.Maybe that should have been mentioned alongside the one day price, just to be honest in the reporting, and each have an even more discounted price for this weekend. It also depends upon what is on offer.. compare apples to apples not chalk and cheese. A lot more terrain is is apparently going to open and with Mt Perisher open, advanced terrain as well. Sorry Martin sloppy journalism. Would love to see honest reporting rather than sensationalism…

  2. Martin,

    Just to clarify, only about 15% of visitors that go to Perisher, purchase 1 day passes. The vast majority buy multi-day passes, for example: Early Season prices (now until until 26 June) makes a 5 day pass cost only $62.80 per day. Further, if you were skiing today a one-day pass would cost only $85 for an adult and $47 for a child. September pricing also kicks in from the 7th, which again reduces pass prices.

    Other special offers also exist such as the Perisher Card that reduces lift pass prices as well as gives discounts on a range of products. Perisher Card holders skiing this weekend can purchase a 2 day pass for just $99.

    Perisher plans to open Mt Perisher tomorrow, which will see a significant amount of terrain open to the public both groomed and off piste.

    So, the lead in price can be misleading, however this doesn’t speak to the majority of visitors to Perisher.

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