Online, offline pioneer, BYOjet, has announced it will ditch its bricks and mortar operation to focus on the web.

BYOjet Group CEO Lenny Padowitz said the decision had been made following the launch of white label business JETMAX, the acquisition of Check-In, the opening of BYOjet Singapore and the success of the BYOjet websites in Australia and New Zealand.

“A subsidiary of the BYOjet Group will be selling or closing down its bricks and mortar retail stores, which will allow JETMAX to focus on the areas where it can deliver the best outcomes for its clients,” Mr Padowitz said.

He added that BYOjet Group will also be launching several new online innovations in flights and a new hotel website early in 2015.

“This represents a much more scalable future for the broader business group.”

Meanwhile, Mr Padowitz said JETMAX  had signed, Docklands Travel, Cherry Picked Travel and is “finalising development on two individual sites plus a major group consisting of over 90 agents”.

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