Disruptive Investment Group, the company which now owns Check-in.com.au, yesterday revealed the business burned through more than $15,000 per week last financial year.

In a 4c filing to the Australian Stock Exchange, DVI reported a negative ‘net operating cash flow’ of -$824,000 for the year to June 30.

Net commission revenue from bookings was just $477,000 before expenses.

DVI’s biggest expenses were director’s fees at $239,000 and ‘other working capital’ at $532,000.

Staff wages for the year were low at $178,000 while fees paid to consultants reached $136,000.

On June 30, DVI had $1,985,000 in the bank and no debt.

In a separate update, DVI said it had cut back on search marketing for Check-in, which has impacted on booking volume.

For example, total transaction value peaked in Nov, 2013, at $443,000.

This May TTV was $313,000 and slightly lower in June; $305,000.

Commission income fell accordingly.

In May it was $42,261, in June it dropped to $38,276.

The company said Check-in’s online marketing is now focussed on search engine optimisation and database marketing.

DVI bought Check-in.com.au for $35,000 in May, 2013, after the business went into receivership owning industry creditors at least $4.5m.

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