Powerful consumer advocacy group Choice has launched a ‘ditch the ticks’ campaign against Jetstar which it says can add up to 67% to the cost of a domestic airfare.

Ditch the ticks refers to the pre-ticked boxes consumers encounter when working their way through a low cost carrier reservation.

While Tigerair and Virgin are not blameless, Choice says Jetstar is by far the worst offender for “sneaky pre-selected extras”.

Typical pre-selected extras include travel insurance, luggage fees, seat selection and even charity donations.

“If the customer doesn’t notice these extras or manually uncheck the boxes during booking, the airlines add the costs to a customer’s final fare,” said Brent Savage, Policy and Campaigns Advisor at Choice.

“In our comparison we found that Jetstar was the worst offender, with preselected optional extras adding 67% to the advertised fare cost of a flight from Sydney to Melbourne.

“We think customers are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves whether they want to pay for these optional extras and that airlines should stop adding costs that not every customer needs.”

See table.

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