Christian Schaeffer, is an energetic, creative and strategically minded individual. He’s a natural when it comes to ‘thinking big’ and relentlessly needs to turn thought to action.

These attributes are what makes Christian such a driving force behind the founding vision and ever developing growth of Carhood.

As an entrepreneur, Christian is thorough yet decisive. He has a positive mindset, and a winning attitude.

He exudes sincerity, which is at the core of his commanding presence, and is drawn toward the new and innovative. Christian has a genuine excitement for business.

Christian drives Carhood’s vision and strategic growth. His unique ability to facilitate networks and seek creative and original solutions to mundane problems has been a factor in Christian’s extensive experience in the digital and automotive industries.

Starting in the luxury vehicle sector, Christian honed his sales and marketing experience before developing his management skills within the sales and recruitment industry.

When entered into a multi-million dollar joint venture with News Ltd and a consortium of large dealership groups, Christian was at the forefront of the dramatic shift to online marketing.

Christian’s passion for automotive guided his experience as a Senior Account Manager at, where he used his digital force to enhance the online presence for his clients.

His wealth of experience creative solution design, and his strength in sales, marketing and automotive are key factors to Christian’s success as the Executive and Founder of Carhood.

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