Claws Are Out As AirAsia Takes Another Shot At Tiger

Tiger Airways must finally be doing ok. Why else would low cost rival AirAsia be giving it media air time?  First, for no good reason, AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes said “a bunch of white guys” shouldn’t be running an Asian airline. Tiger Airways is run by “white man” Tony Davis.  The sniping escalated yesterday when AirAsia took full page ads in the Straits Times and Business Times headlined: “If Tigers Were Meant To Fly, They Would Be Born With Wings”. The ads took a swipe at recent cancellations by Tiger. What the point of all this? Who knows? But it’s fun to watch.

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One thought on “Claws Are Out As AirAsia Takes Another Shot At Tiger”

  1. Yes! Air Asia’s Tony Fernandez is absolutely and factually correct.

    Tiger Airways is run by a ‘white’ CEO.

    Moreover from very recent history, Tony Davis’ Tiger Airways is having a lot of trouble. Fortunately, Tony Fernandez’s Air Asia is doing much better, and Air Asia is a completely Asian operations.

    This is the first time, an Asian entrepreneur is telling the world that Asian’s branding does not need to rely on white presence in its top management.

    There is nothing wrong with that.

    All Asians should be proud of Air Asia, though it may be a jolt to Tony Davis when he senses the rising pride of Asians being Asians, many of whom are now personally ready to confront international competition rather than employing some lighter skin proxies from Europe or United States.

    I suspect that Tiger Airways’ brand building strategies including having people like Tony Davis as its top management. It supposedly project ‘internationality’ sparkle more readily. The other obvious airline that has similar practice is Cathay Pacific.

    To the market, Air Asia is telling them, Asians can be better or at least equal to managers from other parts of the world. This is a contest of brand concepts.

    I hope Tony Davis is not in Tiger Airways to pontificate to Asians. His job is to run the airline properly so that it shows profitability, under the context of a different culture from what he is used to. His personal agenda would be show ‘white’ managers can run Asian airlines as well. He is not off to a good start, for now.

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