Content Is King for Travel Marketers – Just Ask Luxury Escapes, Starwood and Flight Centre

Luxury Escapes has become the latest travel company to turn its hand to publishing with the launch of a print quarterly called Travel Post.

It follows the unveiling of websites Momentum by Starwood, and the Flight Centre-ninemsm collaboration Elsewhere.  Clearly content works.

Travel Post cover, Luxury Escapes“When it comes to sell-through in the travel space, content is king,” says Blake Hutchison, general manager of Luxury Escapes.

“We’ve seen it work for our hotel packages. Now we’re applying the approach to brand activation.

“`Our goal is pretty simple. We want to inspire more travel.

“Luxury is now more affordable than ever so our content will focus on higher end experiences,” said

Travel Post is a 16-page tabloid distributed through cafés and hotels across the country with an initial 30,000 print run.

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2 thoughts on “Content Is King for Travel Marketers – Just Ask Luxury Escapes, Starwood and Flight Centre”

  1. Great idea but I wonder if any thought was given to the conversion to sales here and how on earth this is a responsible use of anyone’s money.

    We know only too well that the inspiration phase of travel is where all the poor sods spend their hard work writing beautiful stories only for the OTAs to reap the rewards when the consumer decides to book.

    I’ll read the magazine at my cafe then go to Google and book it all with whoever is bidding the most for the keyword (most likely a Priceline company or Expedia).

    Trees lose. Google wins.

    PS: And if there are exclusive offers in the print media I’ll go compare them too.

    1. LE are surely going to be somewhat reliant on selling advertising space in order to subsidise production and distribution costs.
      Just how many bookings they can garner from producing such a publication, remains to be seen.

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