Craig Davis CEO Take A BreakCraig co-founded TakeABreak in 2003 and is co-CEO with Penny Young. 

In 2003, many start-up websites began on a semi-professional basis but TakeABreak recognised that this approach was not viable and invested in quality systems and marketing from day one.

Craig is responsible for the Operations of the company which sees him managing activities as diverse as customer service, servers and networks, interface design and useability, search engine optimisation, and planning and testing new systems built by the development team.

Craig’s background is diverse and not one you would usually expect to find in a tourism-oriented company, as he holds a PhD in physics and prior to founding TakeABreak he held a senior position in the Defence Intelligence Organisation.  Craig believes that the general aptitudes and experience he gained working in these arenas have given him the ability to rapidly understand and work with new ideas and new technologies which is critical in the fast-moving world of internet business.

Craig also brings a deep commitment to creating a business that is a great place to work, not just sustainable and profitable. does this through regular in-house training programs, relaxed “lunch and learn” sessions, external training and personalised career path management. 

The company also provides genuinely flexible working arrangements. has been recognised for these efforts with a “Highly Commended” at the 2007 National Work and Family Awards.

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