Daniel Fraser, Smiling AlbinoOne smile from Daniel and most people are hooked. With an appetite for fun and the energy to match, when something is happening, he’s there and soon at the center of it.

Daniel first came to Thailand in 1995 to work on consulting and teaching projects under the Thai Royal Family.

The quintessential host, it was a natural step for Dan to get into the travel business. A well-recognized figure in Thailand, he has appeared in a heap of print, billboard and television commercials across Asia and co-starred in Thailand’s first digital feature film The Garuda in 2004.

He’s worked as a TV presenter in Japan, business advisor in Singapore, team-building facilitator for such companies as Nokia, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, IBM and a Tourism Ambassador for the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Daniel is currently the host of a popular national TV show in Thailand called Long Krung ( หลงกรุง ), a Thai-language series investigating unique sides of Thailand and its culture through the eyes of a resident Canadian. He is also the co-founder of successful adventure tour company Smiling Albino.

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