Daria P  Ilgen_Headshot

Daria is a seasoned start-up guy with a deep passion for innovation and travel. Currently COO of TravelShark, his ambition is to bring the travel industry a game-changing technology that empowers travelers with the most personal & authentic recommendations in the world.

Early on in his career, he quenched his entrepreneurial thirst by helping build the Vitaminwater brand ($4.1B exit to Coca-cola) and then shifted his efforts towards emerging mobile payments. After a couple rite of passage experiences (failed attempts), he combined his love for travel and education by pursuing his MBA overseas in China and the UAE.

Although an avid and competitive ski racer, Daria presently resides in Singapore with his greatest possession – a passport and the 40+ stamps within. In 2013, he was named as one of the 35 young leaders in travel by PhoCusWright.

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