Dean Dransfield, Director, Dransfield Hotels and ResortsDean Dransfield is the founder of Dransfield Hotels & Resorts, established in 1993.

Dransfield Hotels & Resorts are a specialist professional services organisation advising tourism and hospitality enterprises.  Specific services include:

• Transaction Management including sales and due diligence;
• Independent Expert’s Reports for public offerings, courts and investors;
• Operational reviews;
• Development planning including feasibility and design planning;
• Dispute resolution, formal and informal.

Dransfield Hotels & Resorts has been involved in the full range of tourism projects involving over 30,000 rooms in more than 300 enterprises.  Projects include backpack to five star deluxe, CBD and Resorts, single and multi site, throughout Australia and parts of South East Asia. Clients include owners, operators, banks and developers.

Dransfield Hotels & Resorts have particular expertise in strata title hotels and resorts, having participated in over 60 projects.  More recently, Dransfield has identified fractional ownership as a significant market opportunity and has established Dransfield Shared Ownership to provide an independent Scheme Manager and Promoter for Developers and Operators.

Dean is also the principal author of Hotel Futures, a historically accurate long term forecast of Hotel revenues for the ten major cities around Australia published since 1997.

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