Chloe Lim, HotelClub

Chloe Lim, HotelClub

DEPRESSED Europe continues to weigh heavily on HotelClub, the international online accommodation retailer, which is still performing strongly in its Asia Pacific base. 

The recent Orbitz results mentioned “continued softness at our HotelClub brand”. Chloe Lim, Managing Director of HotelClub and Group Vice President of Orbitz Worldwide, said this referred to “challenges in the European market”.

But Australia and Asia Pacific is another story. “We have been very fortunate that performance in Australia and AP continues to be positive.

“For example, Australian transactions grew about 25% in Q3 vs the prior year.

“It really demonstrate how resilient the Australian traveller is – and a large part of this was driven by increased domestic travel. However, with the Aussie dollar becoming stronger by the day, I expect that outbound market will start to climb.”

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