Matthew Goldberg


Digital revenues have doubled at guide book publisher Lonely Planet in the past two years and now account for 20% of the company’s turnover, newish CEO Matthew Goldberg has revealed.  “We are are track to turn over almost $US20m in digital this year,” he told the Telegraph UK.

Goldberg joined Lonely Planet from Dow Jones eight months ago and says: “I am here to create the guide book of the future. We need to be where our audiences are – and that is on digital platforms.” It hasn’t been easy though.

Lonely Planet lost BP3.3m in its first full year of ownership by government-controlled BBC Worldwide, confirming the worst fears of some British tax payers who objected to the purchase. BBC Worldwide paid BP89m for 75% of the company two years ago. Lonely Planet is still based in Melbourne and has an estimated 20% of the total guide book market. See full story.

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