Helloworld Earnings to Fall By up to 25% – Again

Elizabeth Gaines, CEO, Helloworld
Elizabeth Gaines, CEO, Helloworld

For the second year running earnings at travel agency group Helloworld could fall by 25%, the company said today. It anticipates EBITDA earnings of $30m to $35m for FY15, compared with $40m in FY14, which was down 25% from $54m in FY13.

“This forecast result reflects the financial impact of the decrease in network numbers combined with the enhanced agent incentive structure and a commitment to growing the Helloworld brand through an increased investment in marketing,” said CEO Elizabeth Gaines at the company’s annual general meeting.

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One thought on “Helloworld Earnings to Fall By up to 25% – Again”

  1. I have a simple solution to restore yourselves to your former glory
    1) go back to being bestflights.com.au
    2) fire the moron the thought it was a good idea to change the name to hello world
    3) mount a massive ad campaign letting the world know you have changed back to bestflights.com.au
    4) hire me as your advertising consultant
    Simple really.

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