Improving navigation and increasing the conversion rates of first time visitors are the core goals of a bold site redesign from, which claims to be the world’s largest tours and activities website. “The previous site was based around features while this one is designed to optimise browsing,” said Viator’s VP of Engineering Jeff Lewis.

Screen grab - Viator new site v2 June 4

“Users don’t engage unless they believe you have what they want is instantly available – making things obvious matters.

“We have lots of content – tours, attractions, reviews, photos videos, articles, maps – and user testing showed people valued this but it was previously buried in tabs and links.

“Now it is surfaced together in the destination guide as a single view, while we simplified the pages and removed a lot of tools, filters, tabs and alternate navigation controls.”

Mr Lewis said Viator minimised the SEO risk inherent in any site redesign and relaunch by predominantly sticking with its old URLs and repurposing them.

Meanwhile he said Viator has increased the amount of content so the site is richer and offers greater SEO potential.

“There are also a lot of branding enhancements – the brand, look and feel are aligned to where the business is going – online and offline.

“Our core messages are displayed much more prominently, as are our points of differentiation (curated content, low price guarantee, etc) which is important for first time visitor to understand.”


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