Whale TaleEco-tourism is a hoax. Everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon but it’s going nowhere.

For while 21.6% of Australians agree that “For my next holiday I’d really like an eco-tourism experience” just 1.1% of the population is taking one according to Roy Morgan Research.

For me, this means:

1) Eco-tourism is like recycled toilet paper – you know it’s the right thing to do but the reality isn’t fun.

2) Or that eco-tourism operators are crap at marketing, product development and pricing.

3) Or that this disconnect offers a huge opportunity.

“Whether this is due to a lack of of eco-tourism or or a lack of affordable eco-tourism options is debatable,” said the Roy Morgan report.

“But one thing is for sure: it represents a stunning opportunity for accommodation providers and tour operators.”

Also equally certain is that those in the eco-tourism industry need to understand that the trend won’t change unless they do.

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