Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed (3)All of us wants to achieve maximum impact – views, shares, likes – out of any piece of content we produce, whether it’s a personal post on Facebook or a company  EDM pushing the latest deals.

But as we all know, it’s easier said that done. So what’s the secret sauce?


Making people feel something, that’s the key says Jonah Peretti, founder of news and gossip site BuzzFeed.

Peretti, who was speaking at Vivid Ideas in Sydney yesterday, says emotion trumps quality every time.

That is especially true when it comes to creating content that people want to share.

And sharing is the basis of BuzzFeed, which Peretti started after previously co-founding Huffington Post.

The site is hugely popular – 233 million visits over the past six months according to SimilarWeb.

Its popularity built on what many would consider C-Grade stories dominated by lists such as 13 Annoyingly Common Australian Stereotypes, Ranked By Accuracy.

But people love this kind of content, which BuzzFeed produces inhouse, and share it like mad.

They can see themselves and their friends in those stories – that’s what makes them popular says Peretti.

This kind of content is also perfect for social media, primarily Facebook, which generates most of BuzzFeed’s traffic.

Peretti says the most popular content used to be stories but now video dominates.

Every story BuzzFeed produces is analysed – what works, what doesn’t and those learnings applied to the next piece.

But for for all the science it always comes back to that human element:


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