Facebook Driving Travel Traffic and Opinions

TOP US travel websites are reporting enormous growth in the importance of Facebook as both a traffic generator and decision validator, according to the recently released L2 Digital IQ Index. “Of the brands in the Index, 78% registered Facebook as a top-eight source of traffic, and on average Facebook drove 7% of traffic to brand sites. Even more staggering, 90% of of the brands recorded Facebook as a top destination site after leaving the brand site.” There’ll be a session on Facebook trends at TRAVELtech in Sydney on August 29. More on this research soon.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Driving Travel Traffic and Opinions”

  1. Facebook. It’s a time sink for many people. It has contributed to a massive increase in overall hours spent online. So much so that hours spent on OTHER websites actually decreased from March 2010 to March 2011.

    It is crap at bringing direct sales, but it’s an excellent new way to connect one on one with customers, if done properly.

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