hanoi - small, traffic, face in the crowd

Dangerous. Ridiculous. Cacophonous. Three words that don’t begin to describe the motorised mayhem of Hanoi, where the traffic is pure madness, anarchy.

Little motorbikes and mopeds dominate, weaving in and out of whatever confronts them including (hopefully) pedestrians who have no option but to walk on the road because the footpaths are jammed with people, food stalls, and parked vehicles.

The noise is incredible.

Imagine 300 three-year-olds given given a plastic horn or hooter and instructed to honk, relentlessly, without rest, all day.

Throw in an undercurrent of engines, mix in some tasty blue-grey exhaust, then imagine the Frogger video game and you’re getting close to what it’s like crossing the road in Hanoi old town.

Just about impossible, but not quite.

Hanoi - small, what a big load you have

Bikes everywhere and everything on bikes.

In 15 minutes today I saw the following carried on bikes:

  • Comquat tree for Tet festivities
  • A family of four
  • Three cartons of beer
  • Case of whiskey
  • A pillow
  • Firewood
  • A (proper) searchlight
  • Sack of cement
  • A child with yellow balloon
  • 2x coffee tables
  • 12x water large cooler bottles

And lots of other gear. People do what they’ve got to do to get stuff done.

As they have consistently proved, the Vietnamese are extremely resourceful people.

Hanoi - small, peak hour, 4.40pm Feb 6 2013


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