Failed Travel Website Sold for $35,000

Adir ShiffmanAllied Consolidated, which was re-listed on the Australian Stock Exchange just 10 days ago and is headed by internet entrepreneur Adir Shiffman, pictured, has bought the failed accommodation website business for $35,000.

For that it gets’s e-commerce platform, 350,000 customer database, supplier lists, domain names, logos, business names and other intellectual property.

Allied Consolidated has not taken on any liabilities or obligations of the Check-in’s previous operating entity, Accommodation Clearing House, which was placed in voluntary liquidation on May 21.

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15 thoughts on “Failed Travel Website Sold for $35,000”

  1. Interesting to see sold. You cant help but wonder how much suppliers who Simon Issacc’s didnt pay for months will get when its all done and dusted.

    1. (the old one) had debts over 6 million. There was only enough to pay wages, ato, super and the liquidators. The was not enough to pay suppliers, customers or for an investigation into the company collapse.

      Has anyone sought comment from the director who resigned in March?

      Which key staff now work at allied from check-in?

  2. Do an asic search of the new directors of Disruptive Opportunities no.1 pty ltd. On the new payment page.

  3. company has been ripping off for a while – directors do a runner – then in the matter of weeks – site is sold and running again under a new company.

    why wouldn’t the liquidators try and sell for the highest amount possible for creditors – not 35k.

      1. We received an e-mail this evening saying that the new owners of are inviting suppliers to load deals. Are people really that silly that they would load deals on this site with everyone owed so much in unpaid monies?

        Has any government agency even looked at all that has /is going on with this? Are directors of companies really allowed to run up millions in unpaid monies, hand their company’s over, then sell and just “move on”?

        1. I am sure that and are completely different. They could have at least waited for the liquidation to complete.

          Can you please copy the letter into a reply on this site?

          Will you be taking check-in bookings while waiting for the liquidation report of check-in?

          1. Kerry, here is a copy of the email sent to suppliers:

            We are pleased to announce has been acquired by ASX listed Allied Consolidated Limited (ASX: ABQ).

            With a new experienced leadership team in place Check-in has re-opened and will soon be processing new reservations.

            Please feel most welcome to allocate rates and availability for your Property through the Supplier Extranet or via your Channel Manager and update the Check-in Booking Channel as normal to resume sale of your room inventory. If rates and availability were loaded previously please be aware this will activate automatically and will be bookable on Check-in as of 17:00 AEST Tuesday the 18th of June 2013.

            Amended terms and conditions are available via the Supplier Site; by selling through Check-in you expressly acknowledge and agree to these terms.

            If you have any questions please feel most welcome to drop us a line on 1300 47 22 22 from within Australia or email:
            We look forward to your continued support and a prosperous future.

            Supplier Support
            P 1300 47 22 22 (within Australia) | E | W
            Level 1 | 74 Castlereagh Street | Sydney, 2000 | Australia

  4. Lots of hotels are live. Seems like the liquidation was a small blimp.

    Let me get this straight… 2 guests turn up to a hotel with Checkin vouchers. One will be honored and one won’t depending on the book date. How are you going to explain that to the guests?

  5. Best thing I would suggest is to remove your hotel from their website. If your hotel is there and you didn’t have a supplier agreement with them then a OTA is passing on your content to their new site – maybe someone like Expedia for example. It is possible to request of your OTA partners not to pass on your property and only sell it on their branded website (not via other smaller OTAs or white label sites). Hotels must accept responsibility for where and how their product is shown and booked.

  6. The new, will NOT remove you even after numerous emails to Leonie Mee of They will not remove us.

    It will mean that guests who book us through will lose 15% of their tarriffs (collected by as we will not be honouring any booking through them. To me it seems deceitful.

    They refuse to delist us. Their excuse is that this rates and allotments are from a wholesaler.

    This company is causing us some very serious problems.

  7. Its a sham! And whats funny is that old director Simon Isaacs is back on as a consultant. What a fool they are making of everyone – Its back to business with all debts gone.

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