New promotion from, Fill The Floor, sounds an awful lot like a campaign Air New Zealand ran earlier this year called Grab A Plane.  The Fill The Floor prize is accommodation for 20 people and flights for all to Hamilton Island. Entrants must ‘register and create a floor’, inviting a minimum of nine friends to ‘join the floor’.  Grab A Plane had remarkably similar entry criteria, the major difference that entrants had to fill a plane to win a return flight for 40 people from anywhere to anywhere in New Zealand. It was a huge success, going viral. Coincidence? No. When asked, Katherine Birch, Marketing Manager for in Australia and NZ, says: “Air New Zealand is extremely creative in the way it engages with customers (and) the ‘Grab A Plane’ campaign did inspire the development of ‘Fill the Floor’. ‘Grab A Plane’ was an outstanding campaign that was incredibly popular in NZ and we saw an opportunity to adapt the idea for hotels.”

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