Macau - casinoscape taken from Wynn

It took me about five minutes to realise I didn’t want to stay long in Macau but regard the next few hours as time well spent. It’s an interesting place in a shallow kind of way.

An hour by ferry from Hong Kong, Macau is a garish haven for Chinese gamblers.

There’s at least one extraordinary structure (Grand Lisboa) and some nice Portugese buildings that are hundreds of years old but strangely feel as if they were built last year.

Casinos will do that. Here are some images I took last Sunday.

Macau - main square

Macau - Grand lisboa

Macau - crazy building patterns

Macau - clownish casino hotel

Macau - one of the main streets

Macau laneway

Macau - more bars than a LA jail

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong…

Hong Kong Bling

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