Genevieve Atkinson, Founder, Fossick.comWhat qualified me to have started my own travel company? A few relevant web related and travel jobs maybe, but the main reason as an avid travel consumer  is that I was annoyed – moving from the realm of hostels to hotels I became increasingly dismayed at lack of customer reviews and down to earth info available to mr and mrs joe-blogg travelling locally. So I toyed with an idea and instead of just thinking I started doing.

I had my start in the travel industry peddling working holidays in the States to students -not a hard sell really. Next having never been to Asia, I wrote travel brochures and pitched flyers to agents at a major travel agency, where I had my first introduction to websites and was heavily involved in the attempt at taking on the airlines in going direct. I then headed to London and had the pleasure of working for large private equity firm in the boom times doing all manner of digital marketing. And walking away with a post grad qualification. Ironically it was the event of becoming a mum that actually made Fossick a reality.

Most of us get stuck in the moving from one 9-5 to another. Suddenly being removed from the nay-sayers and we’ve always done it this way culture – allowed me the space to create… and Fossick was born.  A review site dedicated to locals travelling locally, Fossick plans to be the domestic travellers port of call for realistic, down to earth travel advice from your neighbours (without actually having talk to them).

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