Google Moves Deeper Into Hotel Meta-Search

Google has just launched a second hotel search product, Google Hotel Finder, which supplements Google Maps hotel search. There are shared elements, primarily price checking via a drop down box linking to paid advertisers like Expedia,, Agoda and the hotel’s own site. However, Google Hotel Finder is a more complete product with numerous research tools. It erases any doubts – if there were any – that Google aims to be major travel meta-search player. All eyes now on airlines and airfares following Google’s acquisition of ITA Software. Google Hotel Finder is only available in the US.

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5 thoughts on “Google Moves Deeper Into Hotel Meta-Search”

  1. With Google already under scrutiny by the US Department of Justice for market domination, the chances of this making it out of the experimental phase is fairly small. Like their real estate experiment, this one has failure written all over it.

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