Flight Centre Managing Director Graham Turner has called on governments to clarify their objective with COVID-19 so that businesses can better plan for an already uncertain future.

“It is critical that businesses across all sectors know these objectives and data lines for COVID-10 control and lifting of restrictions – whether the end goal is community immunity, suppression, eradication or learning to live with this virus,” he said yesterday.

“Learning to live with the virus involves protecting the vulnerable, particularly the elderly, while ramping up testing, contact tracing and ultimately isolation so we don’t overwhelm intensive care units.

“Within the travel and tourism sectors we need to know what COVID-19 conditions need to be present in each state, territory and at a national and international levle for governments to ease restrictions, stock lockdowns and reopen borders.

“This will allow businesses to plan for the future, to prepare to restart their operations and to bring back thousands of our people who are currently on standby.”


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