GraysOnline Drops Ubid4rooms, Launches GraysEscapes

Logo - Graysescape, smallGraysOnline today announced it has closed the site it recently bought and will replace it next week with

When it does launch, will allow customers to make offers direct to hotels rather than  competitively bid. GraysOnline claims to be Australia’s largest online auction company.

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2 thoughts on “GraysOnline Drops Ubid4rooms, Launches GraysEscapes”

  1. Hi Martin,
    Just to clarify if I can. We have closed the Ubid4rooms site in name only and the new site is the rebranded and upgraded version of it under the GraysOnline branding.
    Also, I’m not sure what happened when you looked up the URL, but it is pointing to a splash page announcing the new site.
    Gary Berman
    General Manager

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