Jetset Travelworld has just announced a restructure that leaves former wholesale boss Simon Bernardi, who returned from holidays on Monday, without a job to start 2012. Bernardi was hired 15 months ago to lead the company’s wholesale operations after the JTG-Stella Travel merger.

Travel Daily is reporting that the JTG wholesale operation will be split into three.

“Qantas Holidays, Viva! Holidays, Harvey’s Choice, Wholesale Australia, USA and Global Product Purchasing will be grouped together and led by Michael Londregan, who will have the title of General Manager JTG Wholesale. Londregan will relocate from the USA where he’s headed up the Stella North America Operations for the last four years.

“Travel Indochina will operate as a separate business, under the leadership of managing director Paul Hole, while the ATS Pacific inbound operations in Australia, Fiji and New Zealand will also be run separately under its managing director Col Hughes.

Londregan, Hughes and Hole will all report directly to CEO Peter Lacaze under the new organisational arrangements.

The announcement said that Simon Bernardi “has decided to leave the company but has generously agreed to work closely with all of us to achieve a smooth transition”.


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