logo - Jo & JoeAccorHotels has just announced a new brand targeted at – you guessed it – millennials. Called Jo & Joe, on first glance it’s a mish-mash of ideas (based on a press release that breaks every rule of basic communication). All you need to know that it’s cool. But if someone has to tell you that, is it?

Here’s the basic spiel from the Paris HQ of AccorHotels, an accommodation company which is trying very hard to reinvent itself.

Investors are yet to buy into the vision, however, with its share price down over the past year.

“JO&JOEis a vibrant living space, a home that is open to the external world and designed to meet the expectations of Millennials and all those who value sharing, spontaneity and experience,” the release reads.

“JO&JOErounds out the Group’s economy-brand portfolio, providing a made- to-measure solution for the vast international community of Millennial-minded trend- setters revolutionizing the market.

“To cater to this new demand, JO&JOE aims to expand rapidly by opening 50 venues by 2020,   with   locations   including Paris and Bordeaux (2018) as well as Warsaw, Budapest, Rio and São Paulo.

“JO&JOE venues will take root in bustling city-center locations that are close to public transport and less than 15 minutes away from the major points of interest.

“The project is an example of “excubation” led by AccorHotels’ Marketing Innovation Lab, which identifies, tests and shares customer- centric and disruptive solutions that can generate additional revenue for the Group.”


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