Logo - HipmunkOn reading that Hipmunk CEO Adam Goldstein believes larger meta-search competitors are “spending a lot of time and money building what I think are sub-par products”, it seemed only right to check out his superior offering.

Unfortunately this revealed that Hipmunk is anything but perfect and does not work very well at times – worse in fact than the competitors Mr Goldstein arrogantly derided at the PhoCusWright Conference as reported by Skift.

For example, Hipmunk does not display the full price on multi-night hotel queries, like its competitors do, just the cost of a single night.


The site was also unable display hotel rates for Bangkok (2 night from 22 Nov) when I tried just now.

Then I searched Singapore for same dates, prices display fine, but on clicking the Hipmunk tag I received the message “sorry something went wrong” so opted for Expedia and was asked to re-enter dates.

Shouldn’t they already have them?

The date integration is seamless on other meta-search sites.

So Mr Goldstein is wrong when he says competitors are spending lots of money building sub-par products because in terms of functionality and usability, it is Hipmunk that falls short.

Consumers know this and surely that is one big reason why Hipmunk is falling behind its meta-search competitors in a hyper-competitive market.

I know I won’t be going back and I’m sure others feel the same.

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