Holiday House Monopoly Play from Fairfax Media

AUSTRALIA’S online holiday house rental sector has become a something of one-horse race with the purchase by Fairfax Media, which already owns market leader, of major rival  Fairfax paid $29.1 million for, which operates and Fairfax Media CEO Greg Hywood says the business will be rolled in with and its NZ sites and Fairfax Media is paying $17.9m cash and $11.2m in shares (representing a 10% stake in the new entity).

“Occupancy is an online transactional business that is growing strongly and has huge market potential,” Hywood said. PS: Blogger Tim Hughes estimates that Stayz and Occupancy will have 60-66% of the market, “with Yahoo7’s TotalTravel second and Realholidays (subsidiary of Real a very distant third”.

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3 thoughts on “Holiday House Monopoly Play from Fairfax Media”

  1. If Fairfax continues to offer a fair pricing structure across the network of websites and accommodation owners continue to get the exposure and bookings they’re after, then the purchase can only be a good thing.

    On the other hand, if sites started get consolidated or pricing becomes unprofitable for the accommodation owners, you may see a shift towards the other market players like TotalTravel and Realholidays.

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