Humble - Tourism TasmaniaWhat’s with these advertising types? Among the most ego-centric of all professions, they have somehow concluded that people don’t want to go on an Australian holiday to be excited, amazed, elated, relaxed, sun tanned or even well rested and fed at a reasonable price. No, they think we want to be humbled, as two current campaigns for Tourism Tasmania and Tourism Western Australia show. In Tasmania … “There’s a place that makes you feel humble and insignicant, and it’s just over the horizon”. Humble and insignificant – how can I resist?

And here is one running on Tourism Western Australia’s website: “The most humbling experiences in the world are almost always the most natural”. Like volunteering at your local soup kitchen. Not the stuff of dreams. What were they, and the destination marketing execs who pay them, thinking? Would they be inspired to holiday in either WA or Tassie on the basis of these ads. Somehow, I don’t think so. In today’s time-poor world, every piece of marketing has to cut through and count. Which means strong headline, sharp copywriting (which “almost always” from WA is not), details and a compelling deal. Always the deal. Get it?

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