Logo - I Want That FlightHere’s a great example of how the web has changed business. Gath Adams from iwantthatflight.com.au wanted a new site and logo but was unhappy with the early designs from a couple of local operators. So he decided to take what some would consider a a radical approach for his busy – 10,000 daily visitors – meta-search site, “crowd sourcing”. “I’d been to two local (Melbourne)  designers but they were very much ‘we know best’ and I ended up with a couple of very rough designs I didn’t use.” Frustrated, he went the crowd sourcing option through 99designs.com where companies list their design projects along with a cash prize for the winning entry.

Designers from all over the world then submit their work for consideration. Gath found the process “lightning-fast, with the I Want That Flight website design listed and completed within 10 days. The logo was also listed separately, and the winning design was chosen within a week, plucked from over 500 submissions.” In the end it cost $1700 and a mobile version of the site is planned very soon. So the moral of this story is, if you’re unhappy with your present suppliers, do something about it. There are options no matter where you are.

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