Increasing Online Tempo Pays Big Dividends

A switch in strategy from offline to online marketing has paid big dividends for leading wholesaler Tempo Holidays with a dramatic increase in website visits  and online agency share over the past month. The latest Hitwise figures list Tempo as listed as the fifth most popular online agent, improving on 10th the week before. Previously it had not been sighted. Ash Jurberg, GM Marketing Cox & Kings, which owns Tempo, says the much improved results are due to better, more specific keyword selection and an increase in Google AdWords spend. Every page on the Tempo website has also been re-written, improving SEO. All this has been achieved with the same marketing budget.

“The overall spend remains the same,  we have just allocated more money to digital,” he says. Facebook has also been crucial to increased traffic with a strategy based around creating a genuine travel community rather than trying to sell, sell, sell. “People don’t come to Facebook to buy things, we didn’t want to shout.” The end game for Tempo is to increase brand and product awareness to increase enquiry rates and bookings through travel agents. So far, so good. PS: A similar strategy has been deployed with Tempo’s Cox & Kings stablemate Bentours.

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2 thoughts on “Increasing Online Tempo Pays Big Dividends”

  1. I agree pay-per-click is an effective method of promotion, try asking a publication or broadcast station to show your ad. without paying, saying you’ll just give them a small payment everytime someone responds. You can imagine the reaction!
    The problem with Google adwords is that it is so expensive. The fastest growing method of viewing the net is via a mobile device and pay-per-click via mobile marketing is even more effective, even more targeted and a fraction of the cost of adwords.

  2. Pay-per-click advertising is great for big businesses with deep pockets that want instant results. However the best long-term and low-cost strategy is always going to be getting good rankings in organic search engine results. Imagine getting the No.1 organic ranking for a good set of keywords as you get thousands of clicks for free from the search engines daily. Pay for those clicks via sponsored advertisements and it’s thousands of dollars a day for something that could have been achieved with a bit of initial work, thoughtful content and patience as you wait a year or so for your organic rankings to climb.

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