Hoteliers really are a mess of contradictions, a SiteMinder survey of 2100 accommodation operators has revealed.

Hoteliers say their top goal this year is increasing direct online bookings, which they see as their biggest challenge due to the advertising dominance of Online Travel Agents on Google.

And so what are they going to do about that?

Their first step is to spend more on “revenue generating strategy management”.

Fair enough, but those same hoteliers were “least passionate about” about “seeking innovations that enhance guest services and drives bookings”.

Of course change doesn’t happen without innovation, especially when it comes to online bookings because there’s no outspending, Expedia and all the rest.

The people who completed this survey surely understand that, so why the contradictory answers?

The only possible answer is that hoteliers know what they want but many have no idea on how to get there.

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