International Growth Drives TripAdvisor Results

Profits are on the rise at TripAdvisor with a 23% year on year increase in operating income before amortisation to US$91m for the third quarter. Revenue grew 30% to US$181m on the back of “international click-based ad revenue” which is growing twice as fast as the US and represents 47% of all TA turnover. Parent company Expedia revealed TA figures for the first time ahead of a planned stock exchange listing for which no date has been set.

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One thought on “International Growth Drives TripAdvisor Results”

  1. For a site that publishes dodgy,dodgy “reviews” I can’t believe the stupidity of some people who actually believe what’s printed on Trip Advisor. That goes to show as Adolph Hitler said, “The bigger the lie the more people belive it.” Marketing must be rubbing their hands with glee at their forthcoming bonus.
    There other sites out there that actually publish real reviews. Travelfish for one is excellent.

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