International Marketing Shouts While Domestic Murmurs

advertiseWhere is domestic travel marketing? More than 80% of advertisements in the nation’s major weekend travel supplement, Escape, spruiked international travel, leaving just 20% for the domestic message. The split looks even worse when ad size is taken into account. The international ad count includes nine full page ads plus a double-page spread. The biggest domestic ad was half-page. No wonder international travel is booming. It’s worth noting the biggest advertiser was cruise with 25% of the ads while there were five separate ads from Australia’s most successful retail Flight Centre and affiliates.

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One thought on “International Marketing Shouts While Domestic Murmurs”

  1. With so much more advertising going out of print media and instead onto the internet, we’re seeing a big drop in domestic tourism advertising in newspapers and magazines. Take the RoyalAuto’s holiday & leisure guide at the back of its monthly magazine – since 2006, it’s gone from 7 pages of holiday listings to just over 4 pages.

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