Australians are now more likely to travel long-haul than any other major tourism nation, according to research from the Canadian Tourism Commission. “With one out of every two Australians having taken a long-haul trip in the past three years or planning to do so in the next two years, Australia now leads the Global Tourism Watch markets in terms of propensity for long-haul travel.”

The report added that the desire for Australians to travel long haul has increased in recent times. “Roughly 90% of Australian travellers say that long-haul travel is important to them. However, the proportion of travellers who feel that long-haul travel is very important has been on the rise, increasing from 44% in 2007 to a peak of 51% in 2011.”

However, competition for the Australian traveller has become intense with numerous destinations competing for the Aussie dollar, and the report warns Canada needs to increase activity in the Australian market just to maintain status quo.

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