Jennifer Wilson, The Project FactoryJennifer is a Director of The Project Factory, a producer of creative transmedia projects across web, mobile, social media, games and virtual worlds.

Jennifer is the author of several books and papers exploring the digital space: actively encouraging the telling stories through digital. She also works on digital solutions in the health and wellness space to help support positive behavioural change.

Jennifer is passionate about engaging with audience across multiple devices, notably linking these to create both more meaningful interactions as well as better outcomes across all age groups.

Right now, Jennifer is working on projects as varied as teaching doctors better communication skills, helping people become non-smokers, exploring the Murray-Darling area through indigenous ceremony and story, creating a new mobile publishing platform for bloggers, teaching storytelling skills to young children and building an interactive online drama.

Jennifer’s previous roles include Head of Innovation for NineMSN and Managing Director of HWW.

In 2013, Jennifer was awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Digital Industry’ by the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association.

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