Expedia insiders confirmed there will be redundancies at new acquisition  Wotif.com but have refused to comment on News Ltd reports that hundreds of jobs could go from the Australian online icon over the next couple of months.

“There will be some job reductions over the coming weeks but no numbers have been finalised,” a source said.

“The object from the Expedia side of things is to find as many jobs for Wotif employees as possible.

“Expedia has been open with Wotif in terms of what is going on with the integration process and redundancies that are occurring.”

However, many Wotif staff remain in the dark about their future and have taken their concerns to social media.

One thread claimed up to 95% of staff could go.

Expedia refused to comment on the claim but it’s understood that Wotif’s offices in Brisbane and Sydney will not be closed down, as some reports suggest.

The official line from Expedia, issued late yesterday afternoon, is as follows:

“Since announcing the acquisition, we have spent considerable time exploring the options for how to best help the Wotif Group be positioned for future success.

“The Wotif Group and Expedia leadership teams collectively determined that the best way to ensure the long term success for the Wotif Group is to shift the current websites and operations onto Expedia Inc’s platforms and important work to begin that process is already underway.

“We also confirm that today we shared employment related decisions resulting from our continued evaluation of the Wotif Group with each individual employee.

“Our goal was to find regular, full time roles for as many members of the Wotif Group as possible.  We have nothing further to share at this time.”

Expedia bought the Wotif Group late last year.

At the time of the acquisition, Wotif had more than 600 staff in Australia and Asia.

CEO Scott Blume has confirmed he’s leaving this week (his decision) and will be succeeded by Chief Commercial Officer David Barnes, who will report to Georg Rubensal, Expedia’s Managing Director of Australia and New Zealand.

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