John Feenaghty has been in the travel industry for 17 years, working in retail, wholesale, product, and marketing roles.

Starting out in the RAAF as a flight steward, John then travelled abroad for a couple of years before returning to Australia in 1993. To pursue a career in the travel industry he completed a travel course and begun working at the Queensland Government Travel Centre. A few years with Thomas Cook, Tourism Queensland and a short stint in America led him to the marketing division of Flight Centre’s wholesale brand Infinity Holidays in 2003.

After leading the Infinity Marketing team for several years, John moved the the GM role at Quickbeds.con (also a Flight Centre division) in 2008.

“An opportunity to lead Flight Centre’s established online hotels booking portal, was offered to me in 2008 and I took it with both hands!  I saw this as a chance to progress an online business in what has traditionally been a bricks and mortar company.” John said. early incarnation was a 14-day last minute website and over time has increased its range, booking window and customer base, including substantial B2B support.

Since John’s involvement with he’s certainly injected some personality to the brand. The choice of Warwick Capper as their brand face was initially met with some raised eyebrows. John said, “Ultimately we wanted to be irreverent, offbeat, fun and cheeky. For us it’s all about living up to our tagline ‘cheap and easy’; cheap on price with great deals and value offers coupled with an easy website to transact on.”

“The recent revamp and relaunch of the website has no doubt been my greatest career achievement to date – it’s set a platform for growth. Developing the B2C business via is a constant challenge in a highly competitive and commoditised market. Standing out in the crowd is crucial to survive. This is the reason why we have incorporated Warwick Capper into our “cheap and easy” brand positioning. Our tagline explains in a nutshell what the modern traveller wants from their accommodation booking experience.” John said.

Being part of the travel industry requires John to travel around domestically for work, so he makes a point of travelling to new destinations and experiencing different hotels  and holidays every time he goes away for business or leisure. John said, “It keeps life exciting and opens the world up to my family when we go skiing, cruising, relaxing on the beach or an adventure holiday. That’s the beauty of travelling – you can try something new every time you go away.”

John has Marketing/Management degree from QUT and resides in Brisbane.

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