Kevin Jochelson, Fiestafy Founder, wideKevin Jochelson is the Founder and Chief Events Officer of entertainment travel startup, Fiestafy.

Fiestafy turns anyone into an entertainment expert anywhere they travel by allowing them to find available and accessible major events, anywhere in the world, in their own language. You can think of it as ‘Expedia for Major Events’.

Fiestafy is also an adtech solution for entertainment clients, allowing them to have their events translated, promoted globally, and supplied with complex analytics to help them make more informed marketing decisions, all at a cheaper cost and a higher performance than both traditional billboards and even a typical Facebook marketing campaign.

Before making the leap into entrepreneurship and startups, Kevin spent five years in Investment Banking for UBS, where he worked in Sydney and in Hong Kong in Equities and Operations. He is also a former member of award-winning, Sydney-based travel startup, Jaride.

Kevin in an avid traveller and has lived in four different countries, and studied in Sydney, Jerusalem and Hong Kong. He has a double Bachelor in Commerce and Arts from the University of Sydney and has been awarded scholarships from four different institutions.

Beyond Fiestafy, Kevin is also a Co-General Manager at the newly opened iCentral.Co the biggest co-working tech entrepreneur space in Sydney, where he works alongside 80 other startup entrepreneurs.

He is passionate about travel, art, music and good coffee.

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