Leezair founders Angus Vidor, Juan Vaamonde and Calvin-Lee.

Leezair founders Juan Vaamonde, Angus Vidor and Calvin Lee.

Travel experiences app Leezair, founded a year ago with $1m in seed funding, is relaunching with new personalisation and artificial intelligence technology in May. 

“Leezair connects people to the things around them,” says brand marketing manager Rosa-Clare Willis.

“We’ve also launched our own marketplace and provide technology to operators that enables them to facilitate bookings.”

Customer acquisition has been steady but not spectacular with 6000 users so far and Leezair’s management sees personalisation as a potential game changer in what is becoming a crowded space.

“This kind of data science takes a long time to start making accurate recommendations and so to fast track, we ask users to self-select their interests so we can start making some assumptions from day one,” says Ms Willis.

Leezair has aggressive expansion plans.

One of the founders, Angus Vidor, told the Australian Financial Review last year the company aims to raise between $5 million to $10 million from investors later this year to fuel growth.

However, those plans have since been revised and no further funding will be sought until 2018, the amount yet to be determined.

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