I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the word ‘personalisation’ has been made up or hijacked by marketers and management consultants. You know like up-sizing.

That’s because there’s nothing personal about personalisation, which is so often used to justify the carpet-bombing approach to travel marketing we endure these days.

I was researching a quick getaway on a well-known website last week and within 90 minutes of logging off had received an email listing offers from three of the hotels I had browsed.

These were prices I had seen on the site. No new information.

It was one of six emails I received from this company through the week, including two on the Saturday.

An average week in our one-way discourse.

None was sent by a person – the word from which personalisation is drawn – all by a machine.

As usual I didn’t open any of them, just hit delete, so you think they’d get the hint and back off.

But they don’t, probably a machine has done some analysis and says this stuff works, it really does.

And they may be right.

If you send 100 emails one will elicit a response and that’s justification enough to keep sending them.

But I’ve had enough.

I’m opting out of this relationship because, from my perspective, personalisation has become harassment.

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