Simon Westcott, CEO, LuxeLuxe City Guides is rolling out its new digital strategy but CEO Simon Westcott (pictured) still sees a big future for its print products.

Westcott says he is aiming for one million downloads of Luxe’s app within the next two years.

He is also bullish about the future of Luxe Concierge, an itinerary building product for travel agents.

It taps the Luxe recommendation database, updated monthly by its city editors, and allows agents “to deliver a customised, jointly branded app package directly to their clients’ mobile device”.

Luxe is marketing the concierge product to high-end travel agents on a subscription basis for USD49.99 a month.

As for consumers, the Luxe strategy is to hook them with a free app with limited capabilities then upgrade to the paid premium version with deeper content and itinerary planning tools.

“The apps have been in market for a couple of months and we’re talking tens of thousands of downloads,” he says.

“What’s encouraging is that there’s a 30% conversion on free subscribers upgrading to the premium app, which costs $10.”

He estimates there have been more than 10,000 paid downloads so far.

Meanwhile, sales of its traditional Luxe City Guides print product are stable.

“We’re taking it as a good sign as the retail book trade has been in decline for many years,” Mr Westcott says.

“We are committed to the guides and won’t be phasing them out.”

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