TripAdvisor (TA) will ramp up its sales and marketing through 2013 with costs in this key area growing faster than revenue. “We expect sales and marketing (expenditure) as a percent of revenue to progress from the mid-30s to the low- to mid-40s throughout the year,” CEO Steve Kaufer told analysts. Spending is expected to accelerate through the second half of 2013.

TripAdvisor had a good 2012, finishing with a strong 4th that beat analysts expectations. Net income for the year was US$194m, up 9%, while revenue grew 20% to US$763m.

“In 2013, we want to build on that momentum and amplify our global brand, providing the best experience for every user, on every device, in every geography,” Mr Kaufer said.

TA is now attracting 50 million website visitors each month, according to CommScore.

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