Marriott is shaking up its brand in a new campaign – “Travel Brilliantly – that in many ways highlights the absurdity of the marketing concept that: if you say it is, it is.

One minute Marriott is a fusty old brand, the next it is cutting edge cool because the ad people come up with sentences like – “This is not a hotel. It’s an idea that travel should be brilliant… It’s not only about where you’re staying. It’s about where you’re going.”

Or that, “at its core, the campaign disrupts the traditional industry idea that a hotel is bound by its four walls.”

A major aim of the campaign is to connect with groovy young folk wearing vests, stubble and smart glasses.

The kind of travellers “who seamlessly blend work and play in a mobile and global world” and look great while they’re doing it, aided and abetted by Apple laptop computers, iPhones and a most excellent hairstyle.

The Marriott campaign has already received high praise – from its creators.

“The ‘Travel Brilliantly’ campaign re-establishes Marriott’s role as a pioneer in the travel industry,” says Jan Egan, Executive Creative Director, Grey New York.

“Beyond creating new industry advancements, Marriott is shifting the process of how these innovations are ideated.”

Ideated – what kind of word is that? An innovative one of course.

Ms Egan continued: “Marriott will define the future of travel.”

Of course, no new paradigm-shifting campaign such as this would be complete without its own dedicated interactive website.

“The new website will be a platform for portraying Marriott’s past and future innovations and soliciting similar, future-forward ideas from influencers, experts and traveling consumer enthusiasts,” says the PR release.

“Visitors to the website are invited to share their groundbreaking ideas to improve the modern travel experience across design, culinary, wellness and technology.”

The website looks – cool – with moody framed pictures and an atmospheric video with a beautiful young jet setter woman independently traversing the globe, looking wistfully out of an aircraft to the night-time city beyond.

What does she seek?

We all know – a Marriott Hotel.

One that is now cool, thanks to an advertising and marketing campaign.

PS: And, yes, there are actual changes being made to the hotels to support the hype. “As a part of Marriott Hotel’s transformation, the iconic brand has been innovating throughout its hotels globally.

“Re-designed lobbies and public spaces known as Greatrooms are being rapidly deployed for the next generation of travelers who blend work and play, demand style and substance, and require technology.

“As the industry leader in hosting meetings, Marriott is introducing new concepts designed for the new mobile worker including Workspring at Marriott, Red Coat Direct and Workspace on Demand.”

Marriott operates 500 hotels and resorts.

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