Max Kraynov, JetRadar, informalMax has had a varied and interesting career.

As he recently wrote, everything below is true however bizarre it looks.

Education: Applied math and financial modelling.

1997-2001: a number of gigs including a morgue, police force and a Forex startup.

2002-2006: CEO of a mobile content startup Unwiredtec making images, music and video compatible between devices. Sold the company to Mobile Messenger (see below).

2006-2009: VP Product Development, Mobile Messenger. Developed a bunch of products for mobile entertainment as well as back-end systems to support them.

2010-2011: Sr Product Manager, Optus. Wanted to check how bad telecom in Australia was (REALLY BAD).

2011-current: CEO, JetRadar (flights and hotels metasearch). Grew the company from 10 staff to 60+ and from 6 digits to 8 digits in revenue. Expert in affiliate and mobile distribution.

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